Van Doren Invitational Results

Steve Van Doren Out on the sand of Huntington Beach and in what will hopefully become the first annual Van Doren Invitational, many of the world’s gnarliest bowlriders, delivered a heavy display of top notch skating this weekend. In today’s Pro/AM Finals, Ben Hatchell emerged on top of the podium along with Greyson Fletcher and Raven Tershy in second and third respectively. The heats were stacked with plenty of hits, collisions and near misses, and the barrage of rapid fire tricks made it all that much sicker.

Stop by the Vans skate and the US Open sites to view complete results, photos and the recorded webcast of the action in case you missed it. Wow!

Final Results
1. Ben Hatchell – $25,000
2. Greyson Fletcher – $15,000
3. Raven Tershy 10 – $10,000
4. Tony Trujillo
5. Ben Raybourne
6. Curren Caples
7. Aaron Hamoki
8. Kevin Kowalski
9. Brad McClain
10. Chris Gregson
11. Charlie Blair
12. Ronnie Sandoval

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