Nassim Guammaz Wins 2013 Amsterdamn Am


Under the scope of spectators at Skatepark Amsterdam and via the world wide webcast, the 2013 Amsterdamn Am presented by Volcom entertained fans of skateboarding today with a heated final stacked with a dozen highly skilled and hungry ams. The Netherland’s Nassim Guammaz emerged as the victor and won a golden ticket to the 2013 Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Congrats!

Final Results
1. Nassim Guammaz – NLD (Straight to Semi-Finals at Tampa Am 2013)
2. Jorge Simões – PRT (Straight to Semi-Finals at Tampa Am 2013)
3. Trevor Colden – USA
4. Youness Amrani – BEL
5. Adrien Bulard – FRA
6. Gaard Hvaara – NOR
7. Alec Majerus – USA
8. Axel Crysberghs – BEL
9. Hermann Stene – NOR
10. Lehi Leite – BRA
11. Robbin De Wit – NLD
12. Diego Cano – ESP

Independent Best Trick
1. Youness Amran – Feeble grind 360 flip out on the rail
2. Riso Tury – Heelflip noseslide nollie flip out on the rail
3. Rob Maatman – Nollie bigspin front board to fakie on the rail

Zumiez Destroyer Award
Fernando Bramsmark

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