Fear and Loathing in Australia – Oakley in OZ

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Oakley has released its Fear and Loathing mini site with a video series featuring and highlighting their skate missions in Australia earlier this year with their powerful skate team including Erik Koston, Rune Glifberg, Curren Caples, Sam Beckett, and Ryan Sheckler. For the full story, videos, and a photo gallery of the action, drop on by the Oakley in OZ mini site.

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What’s more, is that professional skater cum skate photographer Arto Saari was in the mix on his first shoot as a hired gun for Oakley. As you can understand, I have the ultimate praise and respect for Arto as he is now pushing his creativity upon another realm of his life as a few of us did many years ago. Who better to carry the torch and to shoot meaningful and vivid skate photos than a pro skateboarder that’s taken the time to refine his craft right?! Right.

Dig in!

– Bryce Kanights

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