2013 May

Actions REALized X Green Day Release Benefit Decks for Children’s Hospital Oakland

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Skateboarding and music can be a positive force for change. That simple thought is something REAL and Green Day have always believed.

Longtime friends Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Jim Thiebaud Co-Founder of REAL Skateboards have always talked about doing something together and the time and cause for this effective collaboration was just right. As a result, Actions REALized X Green Day decks to benefit Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland have been released.

Dig into the full story, with video, a photo gallery of the Real Team with the kids and Green Day and benefit decks now live at ActionsREALized.com

A portion of the proceeds from these special decks will be donated to Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland. Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland is the Bay Area’s only independent children’s hospital. For over 100 years, its mission has been to take care of every child who needs help, regardless of ability to pay. Hats off and high fives to all of those that put in the effort to pull this off for these kids in need of support.


Miller and Lasek Triumph at Van Pool Party

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Vans Pool Party Pro Finals

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Vans Pool Party Masters Finals

The Vans Pool Party is one of those celebrated skateboarding events that gets better with age. In its 9th showing this past weekend, the Vans Skatepark hosted four generations of professional bowlriders along with a few ams that had earned a golden ticket to compete. The Masters heated up the Combi bowl with soulful lines and classic tricks and in the final rounds Chris Miller seized a victory over Steve Caballero with his consistency and powerful runs.

In the Pro division Bucky Lasek earned his return atop the podium by powering through his five allotted runs with a diverse approach, by not repeating his lines, and hammering out difficult and technical tricks. Roll the recap footage to see how it all went down.

Final Results


1. Bucky Lasek – $28,000
2. Pedro Barros – $14,000
3. Rune Glifberg – $7,000
4. Omar Hassan
5. Tom Schaar
6. Josh Rodriguez
7. Andy Macdonald
8. Cory Juneau
9. Austin Poynter
10. Giorgio Zattoni


1. Chris Miller – $15,000
2. Steve Caballero – $7,500
3. Christian Hosoi – $4,000
4. Mike McGill
5. Eddie Elguera
6. Jeff Grosso
7. Nicky Guerrero
8. Pat Ngoho
9. Duane Peters
10. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce

First Look At NYC’s Newest Skate Park

NYSkateboarding.com has posted a comprehensive look at London Planetree Skate Park in Woodhaven, Queens. Click here for the photo gallery.

Chaz Ortiz Lands a Shoe Sponsor

Lil Wayne, Chad Ortiz

At the launch party for Lil Wayne’s new shoe company, SPECTRE by SUPRA, it was announced that Chaz Ortiz will be riding for the new lifestyle footwear brand. SPECTRE will release three styles to its initial line: Chimera, Griffin, and Kondor. There is no website available at the time of this news post.

25 Years Of Black Label

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Black Label is re-releasing some of their favorite parts from their past videos. This week they are showing Chet Childress’ part from the third full length video “Back In Black” released in 2006.