2013 May

Blake Carpenter’s part in “Cosmic Vomit”

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The Hype Train

Typical Culture has posted The Hype Train video at their site in its entirety. The D.I.Y. Skateboarding film by Zack Dowdy was filmed exclusively on film and tapes and features the skating of Chris Russell, Skreech, Greg Zamarripa, Frank Shaw, Chris Gregson, Brendan Keaveny, Connor Getzlaff, Ricky Holderby, and Little Chris.

You can purchase a DVD or a copy of Typical Culture zine by clicking here.

Color Magazine: Barcelona Edit

Color Magazine has posted an edit entitled Pursue the Marble Hashpipe which highlights a heavy crew of Canadian skaters tearing through the streets of Barcelona.

Filmed and edited by Sheldon Barr with additional footage by Kyle Steineide, the full story and photos appear in Color Magazine 11.1.

X Games Barcelona: Practice Day Two

The Street League website takes you to Barcelona for some coverage of the second day of practice sessions. Live coverage begins tomorrow, May 16, at 5:30AM ET on ESPN3. Click here for the complete schedule.

Jason Lee and Chris Pastras On Free Lunch!

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Jason Lee and Chris Pastras sit down for the latest episode of Free Lunch at Ride Channel.

Pro-tec Presents: Christian Hosoi

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Pro-Tec has posted up a video of Christian Hosoi skating Lance Mountain’s backyard pool. For more info about Hosoi’s Rising Sun signature series B2 Pro-Tec helmet click here.