Cuba Skate Documentary in the Works

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In July and August of this year, several skaters and filmmakers will be traveling on a people-to-people visa to Havana, Cuba in an effort to document the lives and experiences of Cuban skaters for a documentary film. Miles Jackson will be leading the effort and will begin by hitting all of Havana’s skate spots, hosting competitions at the local park, and traveling across the country to visit emerging skate communities in other provinces. Throughout the trip, the crew will be filming and interviewing the skaters, their families, and members of the community, to truly grasp what it is like to be a skater in Cuba.

The group has set up a Kickstarter page with plenty of information. Donations have been coming in steady and the funding has reached close to 3/4ths of its goal. But they are still just $2100 short of the needed funds to move forward with the project. The deadline is June 7th. Please contribute whatever financial donations that you can in the coming weeks.

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