2013 April

Real Spring 2013 Catalog Drop #3

tout In its new Spring ’13 catalog Real Skateboards has published Robbie Brockel’s new #mellowthefukout ad, plus a Dennis Busenitz deck designed by his world renowned dog Gary. A heap of other newly released decks from Hardy, Brock Ishod, Chima and the entire REAL team are in the mix as well.

Derelict Places

Josh_Young_FrOllieTheHip_9534_B&W copy

Vans is happy to announce the release of DERP, a multifaceted urban exploration project featuring their European skateboarding team. Employing a dedicated team of urban explorers, Vans scoured Europe for unique locations rarely seen by the general public, and that have never been skated before, documenting the process as they went along.

They started at the Kupari Tourist Complex in Dubrovnik, Croatia which was heavily shelled during the conflict that beset the region, now only ruins remain of this sprawling complex. Next stop took them to the remnants of the Dutch Pavilion, a left over from the Expo 2000 World’s Fair in Hanover, Germany. Finally, amidst the Olympic fever of summer 2012 they ventured to Athens, Greece to explore the legacy of the 2000 games.

Ray Molinar: Boyz2Men

Raymond Molinar has posted up another iPhone filmed and iMovie edited clip entitled Boyz2Men. Check it out.

OJ Wheels Spring Blend

Check out this montage featuring Daniel Shimizu, Clint Peterson, Willy Akers, Ryan Harris, Marius Syvanen, Wes Kremer, Sid Melvin, Alex Horn, Jon Dickson, and more from OJ Wheels.

Ryan Sheckler’s Road to Recovery

Ryan Sheckler injured his foot very badly while skating in Australia eight weeks ago. Knowing that a busy summer was soon ahead of him with contests, demos and filming missions, he dove straight into rehab mode. He’s come a long way with his doctor’s assistance which also included painful PRP treatments. It’s looking like the PT and his focus to heal up has paid off as he’ll be in Brazil ready for the first global stop of Street League this weekend.

Damn Am Atlanta 2013 Results

YouTube Preview Image

Out at Atlanta’s Damn Am Youshi Tanenbaum qualified in first place yesterday and held on to his momentum in today’s finals to win the whole damn thing. Check the highlights with his technical stunts.

Final Results
1. Yoshi Tanenbaum
2. John Hill
3. Kevin Braun
4. Jeremy Knibbs
5. Markus Jalaber
6. Dalton Dern
7. Thomas Dritsas
8. Antonio Massey
9. Jason Siebert
10. Eli Williams
11. Luke Hampton
12. Christian Dufrene