2013 April

Ambig: Modern Art Premiere

Ambig will premeire it’s Modern Art video May 1st at The Observatory in Santa Ana!! The event is free and there will be music by Hindu Pirates and Audacity and there will be plenty of free giveaways for everyone in attendance. Doors open at 8:00 pm.

Creature “CSFU” Full Video Release

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If you’ve purchased the May issue of Thrasher Magazine you were fortunate enough to have received a free copy of Creature’s CSFU video. For those of you who haven’t, Thrasher has posted the entire video at their site.

Bones Brigade Launches New Site

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The Bones Brigade has launched a new site. Drop by to read testimonials of the Bones Brigade:An Autobiography film that other fans have posted. You can also leave your own testimonial of the film. New colorways of classic Reissued skatedecks from Tony, Stevie, Mike, Lance and Tommy are available too. And yes, they are still giving away free downloads of The Search For Animal Chin. Yes, free – for every skater on earth.

Arto Sarri Welcomed to WeActivist Family

WeSC has officially welcomed skateboarder and photographer Arto Saari to the WeActivist family! This short welcome video will be followed by a longer video to be released next month together with the article featuring Arto by Chris Pastras from the Superlative Conspiracy Magazine No.7 – The Summer Issue!

Real Skateboards Releases InstaREAL App

Real Skateboards is excited (and a bit nervous) to announce the release of our first ever mobile app. InstaREAL is the advance first version of an ongoing fun way for skaters to add filters and effects to their photos then share with friends. It all started some months ago when they were finishing up the print ad for Real’s new Mellow Construction decks, someone wrote down #mellowthefuckout and that’s when all broke loose, and they dove in. Shirts and stickers made, ad sent out and they got to work on the app. all without first checking to realize you can’t hash tag a swear word.

Well, 288 misprinted shirts, 3,000 stickers and an ad that had to get pulled and changed at the last minute later they had things right, and #mellowthefukout was born and the app was on its way. #mellowthefukout could now be everywhere, over anything, super simply (and spelled right too!)

The InstaREAL’s App initial release features 4 filters to choose from including #mellowthefukout, Since Day One, #thankyouskateboarding and Pushing Since Day One. There will be many more coming in the next few weeks as filters will be updated regularly so the app is always fresh and new.

It’s super simple – Launch InstaREAL, select the filter, shoot the photo, save to your library, open Instagram and share it. Please send Real Skateboards your comments and features you’d like to see added for versions 1.5 and 2. Real wants future additions to come from you – the users.

InstaREAL is available now in the iTunes App Store and on Google play for Android.

Scott Bourne’s A Room With No Windows


For those that found it difficult to acquire Scott Bourne’s novel A Room With No Windows when it was first released, we have good news for you. It has finally arrived at Amazon.com. Have a look at the short 18 minute film about the book where Scott talks about living in San Francisco, and his writing process.