Scam Artist Works Against the Good of Burnside Skatepark

A fellow skater and former volunteer with the world renowned Burnside Skatepark is accused of ripping off nearby Portland businesses. Aubrey Floberg has been offering small businessess to paint their logos on the concrete areas surrounding the skatepark for the past two weeks. He has not delivered on that promise and has tricked many of them out of their payment ranging from $50 – $00 each.

“Burnside Skatepark does not solicit advertising here at the park,” said Burke Morris, treasurer of the skatepark. “The first time I got concrete confirmation of this was a call from a tattoo shop up on Burnside.” Burnside Skatepark, along with the 501(c)3 nonprofit that runs it, first learned two weeks ago that Floberg, who goes by “AJ,” was targeting businesses. Since then, the complaints have not stopped coming in.

Portland’s KOIN 6 reports on the matter right here.

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