Rookie Pros, New Recruits and Change Ups

tout Exactly when is the right time for one to turn pro? Well, for one, when that skater has properly earned it with video parts, magazine coverage, tours, demos, shop appearances, web clips and an overall good attitude and connection with other skaters. Perhaps a few contest placings can’t hurt either. One such individual has rightfully attained all of this and the skateboard market has demanded a board with his signature on it. This year’s newest rookie pro is Element’s Evan Smith. His video project “The Evan Smith Experience” releases this Thursday, March 21st, along with his first edition pro model product. Congrats pal!

In other happenings, vert veteran Paul Zitzer has been added to the Roger Skateboards squad. Paul Shier and Nick Jensen’s emerging new board company has announced five of its six team riders so far. In addition to themselves, the team includes Tom Knox (UK), Sylvain Tognelli, and Jon Nguyen. Who’s got the final spot?

Stereo has welcomed Ben Fisher to their team of agents. Hot on the heels of the “CSFU” release, little ripper Chris Russell has been enlisted to Creature’s band of fiends. Nick Tucker has earned a proper spot on the Supra team and Roger Skateboards has re-turned Canada’s Nate Lacoste pro with this stack of footage.

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