2013 March

Bohnam Rolls Into Spring

Bohnam is a new company with tees, caps, accessories, and bags that lend credence to living the good life in the great outdoors. Here is their Spring 2013 video featuring Koki Kasai, Ethan Loy, Cameron Wetzler, Austin Lycans, & Robbie Brockel.

Anti Hero Spring Drop 2: Out of Order

toutAntihero has released its all new line of decks which includes parodied energy drinks, the Forever Young series, and the Champions of Nothing decks. Have a look..all officially Out of Order now.

Lewis Marnell Tribute: ONE LOVE

As most of us know, professional skateboarder Lewis Marnell died earlier this year on January 18th, following complications related to Type 1 diabetes. It was a condition that he was diagnosed with when he was 10 years old. The global skateboarding community was shocked and saddened by this tragic news. We were in disbelief that someone – one of us, so young and gifted and well-known and liked, was suddenly gone. The days, weeks, and months of our lives continue elapse as Lewis’ life of skateboarding lives on in all of us.

Be sure to consider and appreciate those people that you share great moments with in your life. Let them know that your life is better or enriched by them.

The words below are from Lewis’ friend and cinematographer and editor Jason Hernandez who put together this “One Love” video in tribute of Lewis Marnell’s good vibes and legacy.

We lost a skateboarder, a friend, and most of all, a truly good person.
Lewis lived his life with Diabetes, the kind were you’d need to check your blood for it’s insulin levels and give your self a shot sometimes twice a day. Oh he’d let you know every day he had diabetes :) he’d ask before every spot, “Oi – how far is the nearest store, Oi – I need to eat, Oi – how long are we gonna be here? I need food” I look back at this and smile, at the time I’d be like, “c-mon really…?” He was really good a misplacing his insulin pen, I helped him find it quite a few times, and remember how psyched he’d be to find it under his mess of shopping bags he’d bring on every session, OHHHH the shopping bags – they’d be rustling around making all sorts of noise in the car, hotel room; he’d have all his gummy worms, sour patch kids, all sorts of sugary foods to keep his levels were they needed to be.

Lewis was legitimately a good person, he cared about what was going on in your life, he’d stop to talk with anyone, I mean anyone… A bum, the random lurker you don’t want to talk to at the spot, anyone… We’d always be waiting on him because he met some new friend at the skate spot/or wherever we stopped the car.

I miss you Lewis. I hate to say I truly took you for granted and am sorry for every time I made you eat Subway cause I couldn’t figure out your diet; I wish I could tell you all this in person… but I can’t. So next time, I will try and let the people I see daily know that I appreciate them, and stop to talk with them just a little longer.
R.I.P Lewis

Love you bud.
Jason H

Amateur Combi Pool Classic 2013 Results

toutYoung and upcoming amateur bowlriders had their day of play (and pay) at the Vans Amateur Combi Pool Classic contest this past Saturday. A purse of $10,000 large was divvied up amongst the top seven finalists in each division. Somehow, the timing of young gun Cory Juneau’s birthday enabled him to enter both divisions and earn an extra pile of cash.

World Cup Skateboarding has the complete results and the Ride Channel has posted a highlight reel of action from the day. Ams getting paid, soon to be pros.

Final Results
15 and Over
1. Tristan Rennie $2000
2. Colin Graham $1,200
3. Cory Juneau $800
4. Clay Kreiner $400
5. Justin Rivera $300
6. Aidan Dansey $200
7. Beaver Fleming $100
8. Adrian Hernandez

14 and Under
1. Cory Juneau $2000
2. Toby Gummeson $1,200
3. Braden Stelma $800
4. Morgan Wolf $400
5. Kiko Francisco $300
6. CJ Collins $200
7. Trey Wood $100
8. Jake Wooten

Amsterdam Seeks a New Public Skatepark

Stan Postmus and many skaters in Holland are working working to raise awareness and funds towards creating a good public skatepark in their beloved liberal European city. Drop by their official SkateMates site which outlines (in Dutch) the advantages of a public skatepark for the region and reveals their ‘made for skate’ spots plus a bit of history on some of the city’s renowned defunct spots from years gone by.

Tony Hawk Learns to Say No at Inc. Magazine

tout Inc. Magazine recently caught up with Tony Hawk and got shortened special report on how he got started in business and what he’s learned along the way.