Amateur Combi Pool Classic 2013 Results

toutYoung and upcoming amateur bowlriders had their day of play (and pay) at the Vans Amateur Combi Pool Classic contest this past Saturday. A purse of $10,000 large was divvied up amongst the top seven finalists in each division. Somehow, the timing of young gun Cory Juneau’s birthday enabled him to enter both divisions and earn an extra pile of cash.

World Cup Skateboarding has the complete results and the Ride Channel has posted a highlight reel of action from the day. Ams getting paid, soon to be pros.

Final Results
15 and Over
1. Tristan Rennie $2000
2. Colin Graham $1,200
3. Cory Juneau $800
4. Clay Kreiner $400
5. Justin Rivera $300
6. Aidan Dansey $200
7. Beaver Fleming $100
8. Adrian Hernandez

14 and Under
1. Cory Juneau $2000
2. Toby Gummeson $1,200
3. Braden Stelma $800
4. Morgan Wolf $400
5. Kiko Francisco $300
6. CJ Collins $200
7. Trey Wood $100
8. Jake Wooten

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