2013 February

Cardiel Week: Day 4 Patrick O’Dell Interview

In Vans’ fourth installment with Cardiel Week, Chris Nieratko catches up with skater, photographer, and director Patrick O’dell to reflect on the Epicly Later’d series that featured Cards several years ago. Visit this page at the Vans skate site to read the interview and reconnect with each episode.

Flipped the Fz¢k Out!

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Not quite a Hollywood stunt double, Adam Miller goes through the heavy trial and error process to nail a backflip over a gap in Southern California. Have a look!

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John Cardiel Week: Day 1 – Blasts From the Past

tout Vans continues its Rider Week with the one and only John Cardiel. He is one of the all-terrain originators and one of the best humans out there to step upon a skateboard. To get things started have a look at a special collection of Cardiel interviews over the past two decades.

BONES WHEELS “New Ground” Premiere with Lee Dupont

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Skateboard Music

Skateboard Music

Epicly Later’d: Eric Dressen – Part 4

In this fourth episode with Epicly Later’d, Eric Dressen and his peers discuss his influential skating talent and video parts under the Santa Cruz umbrella and the changes that he endured once he was at the top of his career.