2013 February

7 Seconds at Svitak’s with Dave Hackett

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Veteran pro skater Dave Hackett laid into some legendary licks upon Svitak’s ramp to celebrate his 52nd birthday. Have a look! Will you be shredding in your 50s?

Bowl-A-Rama Wellington 2103 Results

toutYesterday’s Bowl-A-Rama showdown was quite a great show to watch for both those in attendance in Wellington, NZ and via the live webcast. Top bowl riders from all over the world convened upon the Waitangi skatepark and put together sick lines and diplays of gnarlitude upon the bowl that is a bit tough to dial in. In case you missed the action, you can catch the recorded webcast right here.

Congratulations to Josh Rodriguez and all of those rippers that entertained us yesterday all around the planet.

Final Results
1. Josh Rodriguez $4800
2. Pedro Barros $2500
3. Alex Sorgente $2000
4. Kevin Kowalski $1800
5. Kalani David $1500
6. Sky Siljeg $1400
7. Pele ( Brazil) $1300
8. Ben Hatchell $1200
9. Mike Owen $1100
10. Jack Fardell $1000
11. Brad McClain $800
12. Lizzy Armanto $500
13. Nolan Munroe $400
14. Nello Pasania $200
15. Mat Katah $100

1. Steve Caballero
2. Sergie Ventura
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Lester Kasai
5. Sean Goff
6. Sasha Steinhorst
7. Steve Crum (local)
8. George Orton
9. Mike Rogers

Red Bull Best Trick
Kevin Kowalski – over a half dozen gnarly hammers on the 4-foot extension

Thunder Trucks Launches New Website

tout Thunder Trucks rolled out a new website today with a new Jamie Thomas Knows video clip and ad, along with a new video from Alex Midler and new proTrucks from Ishod Wair, Austyn Gillette and tons more. Check out all the new videos and new trucks now live at Thunder Trucks.

Bowl-A-Rama NZ 2013 Live Webcast is On!


The third heat of skaters is soon to be under way at 2013’s Vans Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington, New Zealand. Begin your weekend early and tune into the live webcast right now.

Weekend Buzz with Taylor Bingaman and JT Aultz

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The Weekend Buzz reels in Taylor Bingaman and JT Aultz to discuss skull bongos, injuries, filming for videos, road trip antics, Swine flu, KOTR 2012 and more.

Cardiel Week: Day 5 Classic SF Spots

Normally for Vans’ Five Favorites videos they follow riders to their favorite hangouts, but this week, for the 5th and final day of John Cardiel’s Week they took a detour and opted to a cruise around San Francisco with John’s Anti Hero teammate and friend and one of the funniest guys in skateboarding, Frank Gerwer (and his pal Roscoe), to look at some of the many legendary Cardiel skatespots around SF.