2013 February

Gerwer Aquabatics via Skate Ski

Frank Gerwer took a spin on Anti Hero’s all new Skate Ski in the SF bay today. The dude’s got it like that! These amphibious Skate Skis are available now at finer water sports dealers and antiheroskateboards.com

Hype Train with Chris Russell

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San Diego’s Chris Russell’s part from the independently produced Hype Train video is one not to be missed. The full length is available now as a download for $5 and $10 as a DVD.

Also, soon enough, you’ll be seeing and hearing more of this young gun with his footage in Creature’s forthcoming video CSFU due out later this spring.

Tracker Trucks to Release 40 Year Book

toutTracker Trucks is currently working on a book to commemorate its 40 years of history as a modern skateboard truck. Veteran and legendary pro skater and former Tracker team rider, David Hackett has been enlisted to design and co-author this collective volume of accounts, artifacts and classic skate photos. A release date has been set for late August with pre-orders available online.

Ben Krahn’s Remarkable Wizardry

Hopefully by now you’ve had the opportunity to watch Blood Wizard’s new full-length video Wizard Bloody Wizard, which premiered on Thrashermagazine.com last Friday, February 15th. This 34-minute video not only features the raw skate talent of its diverse and skilled team of wizards, but it also celebrates those that have been shredding on their magic rolling boards for quite some time.

Case in point, the ninja-like talent of the Northwest’s very own Ben Krahn is something remarkable to contemplate. His grasp on skating is truly unique with the select tricks and lines that he puts together both on the streets and in the parks. This is blue collar skateboarding. Like the 97% of us, Ben does it for the fun, enjoyment, and love of it. He had his years traveling the planet, doing demos and entering contests with his skating backed by endorsements, but time marches on. And Ben (like most of us) is well aware that he can’t earn a living skateboarding forever.

Nonetheless, Ben works a solid job, has a family and continues to rip in his late thirties. This is some of his best stuff yet and proves that skateboarding is something that you can continue to do (barring any heavy injuries) as long as you put in the time and effort.

To make it clearer for our viewers, Ben was very willing and appreciative to share his 8-minute bonus part with us, which appears after the credits roll in Wizard Bloody Wizard. For those of us close to Ben, we know how much time and effort that he and filmer Dave Hupp put in to create this cinematic gem. To be specific, these guys dedicated the better part of three years to collaborate on spots, tricks and stack a ton of clips. They didn’t have the benefit of a travel budget so the majority of what you see was filmed in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas.

Also, the soundtrack was written, played, and recorded by Ben at home on a digital 4-track recorder; his pal Karl Hubble mixed the song for the video.

So kick back and crack open your favorite beverage, and ingest the next 8 minutes of skateboarding with Ben Krahn. Our souls are inspired and our minds are blown. Cheers Ben!

– Bryce Kanights

Caballero and Hetfield Tour Metallica HQ

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Steve Caballero takes a private tour of the Metallica HQ with James Hetfield where the pair of legends discuss cars and Cab’s musical influences, look over some of the band’s artifacts and more.

The Vans x Metallica signature collection is available now.

In the Parks with Neff – Derrick Wilson

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In the Parks with Neff – Derrick Wilson