etnies: Chris Joslin’s UNSTOPPABLE Part

YouTube Preview ImageChris Joslin’s ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ part for his first pro model etnies shoe, the Joslin Pro. This is the proving ground: testing the limits of performance and durability. The amount of footage that Joslin has produced in four years is unprecedented. The level of skateboarding that he operates at is insurmountable. Have a look!

The Nine Club: Episode 112 with Jimmy Gorecki

YouTube Preview ImageJimmy Gorecki discusses growing up in Philadelphia PA, flying to California for the first time to stay with Clyde Singleton, getting on Aesthetics Skateboards, skating at Love Park, staying at Chris Roberts’ house, having to make the switch over to Zoo York, skating for Ice Cream Footwear, working for Disney, starting his own company JSP, No. One System, Standard Issue and much more.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Stories – Hollywood Martinez

YouTube Preview Image Check out this edit by Stacy Peralta to see what drives Martin “Hollywood” Martinez to push his skateboarding progression on all terrain.

Loveletters to Skateboarding: Atlanta Scene Report

YouTube Preview ImageBuilding a scene takes time and lots of work. For over 40 years the skaters in Atlanta have worked together to build one of the best skate scenes anywhere in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew took a trip to ATL to check out the scene.

Skater’s Favorite Skater: Steve Caballero

YouTube Preview ImageTransworld Skateboarding sits down with Steve Caballero and gets the scoop on two of his favorite skaters: one of his all-time favorites and one of his current favorites.

The Nine Club: Episode 111 with Gershon Mosely

YouTube Preview ImageGershon Mosley discusses growing up in Compton CA, moving to San Jose, starting to skate at 13 years old, getting on Santa Cruz, riding for Human Skateboards, the reason he left Powell, getting on the A-Team then going to Blind, filming for the Transworld video “The Reason”, Globe Footwear, why he left the skate industry, working on his own project The oBtuseconcept and much more!